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Dusty Stray - Family Album

Family Album
3093 192
€ 16,95

This third release by Dusty Stray on Dutch indie label BASTA is a transatlantic co-production with the legendary American producer KRAMER (Low, Ween, Urge Overkill, Galaxie 500).  KRAMER expressed interest in working with Dusty Stray when he happened to hear debut album Tales Of Misfortune And Woe. ...

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Dusty Stray - Light Years Away

Light Years Away
3093 062
€ 12,95

Dusty Stray's 2nd Basta album, LIGHT YEARS AWAY, was produced by JB Meijers and Ken Stringfellow. Dusty's twisted take on country-folk music suggests a hillbilly on Mars, writing songs about alien abduction, mermaids, and outsider artist Henry Darger.

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Dusty Stray - Tales of Misfortune and Woe

Tales of Misfortune and Woe
3091 932
€ 12,95

Accidental death and manslaughter, guilt and atonement. The murder ballads that make up Tales of Misfortune and Woe are grounded in the dark side of the early American folk tradition, which preacher’s son Jonathan Brown was brought up on. Born in Taiwan, raised in Texas, he’d while away long hours o...

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