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dotblackArling & Cameron
Website for concept artists Arling & Cameron. Has fallen behind in updates

dotblackArthur Ebeling
Arthur's own website, including lots of photos, videos, tourdata, guestbook and more

dotblackThe Beau Hunks
Background information on this world-known 'documentary orchestra'.

dotblackBrian Protheroe
Actor, Composer, Singer. Website contains video, extensive biography, photos and more interesting stuff!

dotblackDusty Stray
Singer, Composer, Guitarist. Upcoming singer/songwriter, already loved by many for his lyrics: a style not often seen

dotblackEva Auad
Singer, Composer. Joined Basta Music during 2011. Young and upcoming talent. Check her site for photos, video and music.

dotblackFay Lovsky
Multitalent Fay Lovsky showcase.

dotblackGeert Chatrou
3-time world champion whistling. Geert performs with pop bands, jazz combos and classical orchestras. Site in both English and Dutch

dotblackMartin Fondse
Composer, Pianist, Conductor. Martin is one of the rising stars amongst composers in Holland and is involved in a lot of projects

dotblackThe Metropole Orchestra
Brilliant orchestra from the Netherlands, we have had the honour to make a few cd's with them

Unique in its kind! Good chance you have heard their music quite often already without even knowing it was theirs!

Not active as Powderblue at the moment, but involved in other projects worth looking at.

dotblackRaymond Scott
Incredibly in-depth view and information on composer, musician, inventor and bandleader Scott.

dotblackSonja van Hamel
Singer, Composer, Designer, Musician, Graphical artist. Site contains videos, pics, upcoming shows and more

dotblackTheo Nijland
Singer, Composer, Pianist. Another one of Holland's best kept secrets.

dotblackPiet Schreuders
One of the most respected designers in Holland; has been connected to Basta since the foundation. Designed countless of Basta's albums.

dotblackThe Jim Henson Company
The home of many famous characters, from the brain of Jim Henson.

dotblackJoost Swarte
Joost Swarte has illustrated a few of our albums and we love what he creates

dotblackRobert Crumb
Long time fan of The Beau Hunks. We had the honour of having Mr. Crumb making us two cover illustrations

Website of long-time Basta friend Wayno. We recommend following his blog, we think it's fun to read

dotblackKellie Strom
Loads of beautiful artwork by Kellie Strom. Kellie illustrated 2 cds for us, and we will most certainly ask him for a 3rd some day!

dotblackRaoul Deleo
Dutch cartoonist and graphical artist Deleo designed one CD of the Beau Hunks and his artwork is present on our stationary

dotblackAlex Budovsky
Brilliant in our opinion: fast music-timed animation, lots to see on this site. Designed Chatrou's 2nd album.

dotblackKen Stringfellow
Known from REM, The Posies, The Disciplines. Now since 2011 producing albums for Basta Music.

dotblackJB Meijers
Producer, Musician, Arranger. Produces for Basta as of 2010.

dotblackMouthaan Grafisch Bedrijf
Our special projects which involve serious printing we bring to Mouthaan, one of the best book printers in the Benelux, if not Europe

dotblackRecord Industry
Vinyl! Quality first of course - so our vinyl comes from these people

CD manufacturor. Meets our standards for over 10 years now. Quality and reliable.