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Raymond Scott Quintette - Microphone Music

The title refers to Scott's emphasis on the microphone as a "seventh member" of his legendary six-man Quintette, and the mic's importance in helping Scott shape the recorded sound of his ensembles. The 42-track compilation features unreleased titles, radio performances, first-rate rehearsals, and out of print gems by the Raymond Scott Quintette, recorded between 1937 and 1939. The collection was mastered from discs preserved in the Scott archives. It includes the first CD release (* and first EVER release) of the following Scott recordings:

A Little Bit of Rigoletto.* 
The Girl with the Light Blue Hair.* 
The Happy Farmer.* 
Dead End Blues.* 
Egyptian Barn Dance.* 
Harlem Hillbilly.* 
Hypnotist in Hawaii.* 
Microphone Music.* 
Pretty Petticoat.* 
Suicide Cliff.* 
Swing, Swing Mother-in-Law.* 
The Quintette Goes to a Dance.* 
Turkish Mish-Mush.* 
Yesterday's Ice Cubes.* well as spirited performances of a few non-Scott compositions (e.g., "Bugle Call Rag"* & "Brass Buttons and Epaulettes"*). The compilation also includes remastered transfers of RSQ radio and rehearsal recordings originally released in 1991 on the now out of print Stash Records CD ("The Raymond Scott Project") and reprints of late 1930s newspaper and magazine articles about Scott and his pioneering music and studio engineering.

Produced by Irwin Chusid. Comes on 2 cd`s in a slim jewel case and a 32-page booklet.


Egyptian Barn Dance
The Penguin
Christmas Night in Harlem
Pretty Petticoat #1
Square Dance for Eight Egyptian Mummies
Moment Whimsical
Devil Drums
A Little Bit of Rigoletto
Hypnotist in Hawaii
Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry Cannibals
The Toy Trumpet
Suicide Cliff
Siberian Sleigh Ride
Peter Tambourine
Celebration on the Planet Mars
Brass Buttons and Epaulettes
Bumpy Weather Over Newark
Pretty Petticoat #2
Turkish Mish-Mush
[bonus track #1]

Microphone Music
Twilight in Turkey
New Year's Eve in a Haunted House
Tobacco Auctioneer
The Girl With the Light Blue Hair
The Happy Farmer
Oil Gusher 
Boy Scout in Switzerland
Reckless Night on Board an Ocean Liner
Swing, Swing Mother-in-Law
Girl at the Typewriter
Yesterday's Ice Cubes
Pretty Petticoat #3
War Dance for Wooden Indians
Dead End Blues
Harlem Hillbilly
The Quintet Goes to a Dance
Bugle Call Rag
[bonus track #2]
Microphone Music
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Catalog Nr. 3091 092

Total duration:

119 minutes



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